FASHION FAUX PAS. ||How to avoid them ||

“Dressing well is a form of good manners”.

1. Not dressing according to your body shape.

We are all blessed with different body shapes, not every garment suits everyone .We’ve all been guilty of this at a certain phase in our fashion life. Wearing the right clothes for your body shape emphasizes your best features, adds a bit of oomph to your outfit.

You have the ability to choose your best features that you wanna accentuate and what you want to hide. Always have this in mind when choosing and buying your outfits.

2. ‘Trendy is always a good look’.

I bet most won’t agree with me on this one but yes it does qualify as a fashion general mistake. Just because a certain trend looks awesome on a certain celebrity doesn’t mean it will suit you as well. Trendy pieces also don’t last long hence you won’t achieve much wear from them.

I’ll gladly advice one to invest heavily in timeless classic pieces,invest in a capsule wardrobe, never run out of style and you’ll undoubtedly get much wear out of them.

3. Going heavy on accessories.

Here’s the thing :always keep it to a minimal of one statement piece, going heavy on accessories can literally ruin your whole outfit.

Accessorizing is a whole art that one needs to master. Accessories can either make or break a look.

4.Creased clothes.

Ironing can be a whole tedious task . If you have the coins, you can choose to invest in a steamer, easens the whole process.

Forgetting to snip the labels in your cloth, something also instantly cheapens a look. Unless you wanna advertise the clothing brand, please snip the labels immediately after purchasing.

5.Playing it too safe.

Fashion is all about creativity, a way of self expression, sticking to the same old white tee and denim trousers is boring, unless of course that’s your signature style.

6.Purchasing clothes according to your size, not your fit.

Yes, a garment may be your exact size, but does it accentuate the right areas? Does it make you look bulkier and tacky? Does it bring out your best features?

Different brands have different sizes therefore when purchasing clothes always regard your fit first. If purchased online or thrifted, then the tailor should be your best friend. Adjust the garment to your liking and you’ll be good to go.

7.Not being confident in your outfit.

Confidence does add up to your look. Lack of confidence ruins a killer outfit. So always remember to be confident,, regardless.

The only time a lady should look down is to show off her eyeshadow.

Do you have some of your own fashion mistakes you wanna add on to???

Feel free to comment below. 😊


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Have a blessed week and always remember to radiate positivity. ❀️


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